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  • The Case of Little Glenn - A Fictional illustration/semi-parable of (possible) penal substitution dynamics [excerpted from a larger article.]
  • Check your Awareness and Honesty. Truth makes demands upon our honestly and humility, in a social climate that sometimes seems to be de-emphasizing those... (sigh). Do a self-assessment of YOUR understanding and attitude, using this document I developed for a bright young adult I had been working closely with for several years, relative to their cognitive acceptance of 'my' claims about the good-hearted God. Only in PDF so far: Start_at_Venus.html.

  • Then, Check your Claims to Credibility. Do a self-check on where you stand on the Objections List, and to what extent you might be 'entitled' to your position (LOL). [E.g. How much research and fact-checking did you do? How grounded in reason and/or evidence is your opinion?]... fun, fun, fun ...

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